From The President's Pen

Dear NARCHI Members

Warm Greetings to Everyone

It is my great pleasure and privilege to thank our Patrons, Advisors, Seniors and colleagues who had faith in us, as we took over the charge of NARCHI Delhi Chapter. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital took over the secretariat of NARCHI Delhi Chapter, a voluntary philanthropic service organization on 18/03/2024 amidst a great scientific bonanza.

I am extremely proud of my entire team which is guided by our far sighted Patrons Dr. B.G. Kotwani, Dr. M. Kocchar, Dr. P. Chadha. We are very lucky to have our advisors Dr. Kanwal Gujral, Dr. Abha Majumdar, Dr. Harsha Khullar who always give positive advice and directions to all our activities.

Our core team is young and vibrant with brand new ideas and innovations as Vice President Dr. Chandra Mansukhani - a great support, Secretary Dr. Kanika Jain – lively and enthusiastic, Scientific Chairperson Dr. Geeta Mediratta with Dr. Rahul D Modi who are our strong scientific pillars, Dr. Punita Bhadwaj - Chairperson of Out Reach Committee with great initiatives and enthusiasm Dr. Neeti Tiwari - Treasurer our most sought after personality. They all are adding strength to our core team.

Dr. Mamta Dagar, Dr. Ruma Satwik, Dr. Sakshi Nayar have happily taken the responsibility of spear heading the NARCHI Bulletins. We are all looking forward to have recent and focused scientific contents in all our bulletins with brand new ideas.

Among our strong supports are Dr. Debasis Dutta - Workshop & CME Coordinator, Dr. Sharmistha Garg - Joint Secretary with Dr. Shweta Gupta, Dr. Ila Sharma, Dr. Huma Ali, Dr. Bhawani Shekhar, Dr. Purvi Khandelwal, Dr. Sunita Kumar and Dr. Ashmita Jawa as well as Dr. Gaurav Majumdar. Our team is enthusiastically working hard to deliver good work with innovations and naïve plans.

We present our inaugural NARCHI Bulletin with the theme “Optimizing pregnancy care improving outcomes”. We have excellent and exhaustive articles from experienced teachers like Dr. Kanwal Gujral and Dr. Manju Puri. The contribution from Dr. Aruna Nigam, Dr. Mamta Dagar and Dr. Ruma Satwik are really informative. The research articles and prized papers will add glitter to the academic contents of the bulletin. Hope this bulletin comes upto the expectation of all our members and will provide a great reading experience.

The medical science is advancing with leaps and bounds. Everyday we are enlightened with new protocols and guidelines. We desire that our bulletins will enrich our members with extensive knowledge and trends in recent advances so that they will be highly benefitted and updated with the latest scientific material.

Long live NARCHI Delhi Chapter!

Dr. (Prof.) Mala Srivastava
President NARCHI Delhi

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