From The President's Pen

Dear NARCHI Members


We at LHMC are honoured to be entrusted with holding the NARCHI office for the next two years (22-24). Despite the COVID pandemic, Team NARCHI MAMC did commendable work. We promise to take forward the main objectives of NARCHI in our term.

Reproductive and child health are the core areas of NARCHI's work. Multiple stakeholders are involved in providing healthcare toadolescent girls, mothers, and their young ones. These include ASHAS, ANMs, nursing officers, doctors, and the community. Two important aspects that need attention regarding reproductive and child healthcare are quality of care and teamwork. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen linkages among various stakeholders, work as teams, identify gaps and bridge them to maximize our output and achieve our goals. These actions will align and converge the efforts of all concerned for providing quality care to our mothers and their young ones.

Our theme for years 22-24 will be Quality MCH care: Strengthening linkages bridging gaps. We plan to reach out to the frontline healthcare providers and empower them to identify the barriers in healthcare provision and effectively overcome them. We also need to reach the community and connect with them through public forums and NukkadNataks to make them aware of the importance of good health and nutrition.

Our focus areas will be anaemia prevention, quality antenatal and postnatal care, maternal and child nutrition, screening and early detection of breast and cervical cancers and adolescent health, I request all NARCHI members to come forward and join hands to connect with the community, frontline health care providers and other stakeholders and empower them with knowledge and skills. We look forward to increasing our member base by encouraging nursing officers, Interns and MBBS students to become members and actively participate in NARCHI outreach activities.

Best wishes

Dr Manju Puri
President NARCHI Delhi

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